Discover the Difference Nature Makes

In the 5+ years since we started this company, we have seen thousands of people's lives changed by the power of this plant. Our goal and driving passion is to ensure that our customers, whether direct consumers, or other businesses, can and will be changed for the better through the power of nature. That is why we ONLY sell 100% natural, pure, and tested Kratom leaf products. We will never add anything to adulterate the product to artificially elevate alkaloid levels with synthetic substances nor do we cut the product with a filler in an effort to make more money. That is our commitment to you! Along with 100% transparency so you can see the production records upon request proving nothing was added to our product during manufacturing and full disclosure of Lab Results for every batch we produce!


COMING SOON is our self-service website for full disclosure which will have all our active and historical lab tests for every strain and every batch we produce! We will even have the ability to setup a branded site that your customers can go to that will have your brand on the site to prove you have tested kratom in your white labeled bags! (setup fee required)


Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) is one of the fastest growing trees out there! We have nearly a dozen Kratom trees growing indoors in a greenhouse in our warehouse just for fun and they have grown over 6' in less than 10 months! In their natural habitat they grow even faster! This is a plant that can be planted and harvested in less than 2 years with full strength leaves (contrary to popular belief). This allows for greater carbon offsetting as more and more trees are planted in South East Asia. Harvesting the plant only encourages it to grow faster and does not damage it! So the kratom industry is causing increase in carbon dioxide processing for the planet and does no harm during its production! 

Laughing Lion Herbs is committed to going as "Green" as we are able in our area by committing to sustainable practices including using Green Energy for our production facility (coming soon) and working with growers in Indonesia to help fund the planting of many thousands of new Kratom trees!

Discover Why We Buy the Best

Fair Trade simply means that we believe that everyone involved in the production of the final product you sell in your stores has been sourced from farmers who are receiving a fair wage for their work and not being taken advantage of. 

Many vendors pay the least amount possible to get their Kratom. However, we pay as much as 5x the amount that most vendors in the USA pay to ensure that everyone in the chain makes a fair wage! Doing this insures our farmers are able to provide for their families and create a lifestyle that elevates their entire community! 

Additionally, this allows us to get the very best of the leaves from each harvest! We get first choice leaf because they will always give their best to their highest paying clients. And even with the best leaf, we still have some of the best prices on our retail side in the market today and we are extremely competitive in the B2B Marketplace with a disproportionate quality to price ratio. Your customers will come back again and again for our product! 

Our own retail locations daily have customers coming to us stating that our product is so much better than the many national brands they've tried at head shops.