Kratom is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. The most common place where people go to make those purchases is either with online vendors or Smoke/Head Shops. However, we constantly have people coming to us saying how XYZ brand at the headshop was ineffective and how they’ve switched to us now because they need less powder for the same effects they desire. Our mission here at Laughing Lion is to provide the very best Kratom powder to those shops so they stop losing their business to online vendors!

The legality landscape is constantly evolving but we are in a better place now than we’ve ever been! With 4 states that have passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (see details here), and 21 more states expected to pass it this year in 2020, half the country will be protected! Not to mention the support we have from the 18+ Million Kratom users in the country and more than 50 members of the United States Congress! As you read this, the University of Florida is conducting a 5 years study on the effects of Kratom for humans as a detox from opiate addiction, withdrawal syndrome, and chronic pain conditions. This study is bankrolled by none other than our own government, the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA)!


There has been a lot of misinformation conveyed about Kratom especially by health officials who are taking it upon themselves to demonize the plant with false information, lies, and half-truths. The truth is that the FDA does NOT have the authority to ban Kratom in the US. Only the DEA does. And the DEA has stated that they will not make any scheduling decisions about Kratom until the NIDA study is completed. Which means at the very least, we have 5 years before DEA will make any decision. And that decision will be based on the results of the study. If they find that there is medicinal benefit to kratom, they will continue to allow its legal status!

2020 is the year for you to start selling Kratom!

And get into the market that has the highest profit margin of anything you sell in your store! And if you already sell Kratom, now is the time to set yourself apart from your competition by carrying the best product on the market today! Laughing Lion remains one of the only cGMP Qualified manufacturers in the Nation! And we believe, we are the only one offering a full White Labeling service! We provide custom packaging options from jars to bags with in-house label printing and design services available. Get started with your own brand that will set you apart and through word-of-mouth, bring in all the local Kratom users to your store due to the quality, consistency, and value.

Why is cGMP is going to be the only legal way to sell kratom very soon?

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act Bills that are being passed state to state. Already unanimously passed in 4 states, 21 more states are scheduled to potentially sign this bill into law in 2020. Your state will likely be regulated to include a minimum age limit (18 or 21) and require everyone who sells kratom in your state or ships into your state to have a registered cGMP compliant facility! No more scooping out powder into baggies or buying from a local garage-based supplier. This will be illegal very soon.

NOW is the time to get on board with a cGMP Manufacturer so you can be ready as the regulations become law in your state. We are fully compliant with every KCPA bill and are certified for the American Kratom Association's GMP Vendor Program. Whether you sell our Laughing Lion brand, or you decide to use your own branding on our Kratom, you will be ahead of the game and will establish yourself as an industry leader thereby solidifying your customer base, so you make more money. We set our suggested retail prices at 300% markup from your cost but since the prices vary widely, we’ve seen as high as 500% markup sell very well! We believe that our products will beat any national brand hands down due to our dedication to sourcing only the highest quality and best batches in the industry. We pay top dollar to our partners in Indonesia to ensure that we receive the most consistent quality possible. They purchase on our behalf and evaluate each shipment prior to its export to make sure it meets our incredibly high standards.


With starter packages starting at under $200, you can start as small or big as you want! We even give you our satisfaction guarantee that when you place your first sample pack order, you will have the best feedback you’ve ever had on any kratom product you’ve ever sold or we will replace any returned products or even issue a refund* should you choose to not sell our products!



GMP – Why is it important?


First of all, very soon, at least half of the nation will require that all kratom be manufactured by GMP qualified vendors. Don’t get caught with product in your store when the laws go into effect. There will be stiff fines and other legal consequences! But aside from the consequences, GMP is the best way we have to ensure that Kratom is effective, clean, safe, and has accountability for the vendors manufacturing it. In the same way that any natural supplement manufacturer must follow certain cleanliness protocols and test all their products so they actually contain what they say they contain on the label, so does GMP for Kratom.

At this time, Laughing Lion is the only cGMP Qualified facility in the country who will both sell their own brand and also sell your brand by white labeling. We have about 5,000 sq ft of manufacturing space in beautiful Monument, CO where we have a state-of-the-art clean room which allows us to process your products without the risks typically associated with manufacturing (i.e. introduction of contaminants, adulterations, etc). We also test every single kilo of our products and test for heavy metals, bacteria, purity, identity, mold, yeast, platelets, and much more!



*We are very happy to refund any returns you receive on your first order of a sample pack because it almost never happens. But we do need detailed information from the customer including why it’s being returned, the effects they did or did not experience, and if they have ever tried kratom in the past etc. We will provide a form for you to fill out on any return to attempt to help you eliminate the people who try to manipulate and get free product which happens a lot in this industry. We can and will refuse refunds/returns when we find strong evidence of abuse of the system.

To request a return the following questions need to be asked of your customer and the answers conveyed to us!

Questionnaire Form for Returning Kratom Products:


  1. Why are you returning this?

    1. If answer is: It did nothing for me

      1. Ask: How much did you take? Many times, people’s individual body chemistry is very different. Some people only need a ½ teaspoon (1.5 grams) while others may need several tablespoons (15-25 grams) per dose. Commonly, asking if they typically find themselves highly sensitive to any sort of medication will mean they need very little kratom to get any effects, and if they always need a LOT of any medication, they will need a LOT of kratom.

    2. If answer is: It made me sick

      1. Kratom has a sort of “built in tolerance scale. If you take too much of the product, you can have anything from the “wobbles” which is the feeling of pressure behind the eyes, and dizziness (equals they took too much or they are sensitive to that type of kratom, often green or white strains), to full on throwing up and feeling extremely ill. The latter condition is the body rejecting the overabundance of kratom in the system and we’ve never heard of anyone who could take too much kratom to cause an overdose (this does not mean we say it cannot happen… the science isn’t there to support this yet. It simply means we’ve never seen it ourselves in our customers.) – In either case, they should try a different strain... or cut back on their dosing.

    3. If answer is: I had to use double my normal amount with this bag

      1. Likely they have developed a tolerance to this particular strain and they need to work on a different strain for a while,

    4. If answer is something else: …

      1. Contact us after hearing the information. We will likely need to replace or refund your cost on that bag. We do need to know if there is any sort of adverse reaction so we can log it into our systems for tracking purposes so please let us know if any issues do come up (this is extremely rare to get any returns at all. !)

  2. Can I interest you in a different strain? Often changing it up or trying a new strain will make all the difference for them!